Following Suture Removal

Excellent hygiene is essential for optimal healing after suture removal. Continue regular oral hygiene in untreated areas and begin the following procedures in the treated areas:


Brush your teeth twice a day. Each day gradually increase your pressure with the toothbrush in treated areas.

Begin flossing all treated areas, flossing only the part of the tooth you can see (not under the gum line).

Over the counter mouthwashes can be resumed.


Begin using an interproximal brush. The tissue may be tender and bleed slightly, but this will improve daily. Do not use an electric toothbrush yet.


Continue daily use of an interproximal brush.

Return to using an electric toothbrush if applicable. You are now brushing at full pressure.

Begin flossing below the gumline.

We will see you again in three months for a periodontal maintenance appointment. If you have questions of concerns about your plaque control or healing, please contact our office at Hudson Office Phone Number 715-690-3050.