Biopsy of Oral Lesion

A biopsy is completed when oral tissue does not appear within normal limits. The biopsy is accomplished after the local anesthetic is administered and by obtaining a specimen of abnormal tissue or the entire lesion. It is then sent to an oral pathologist for analysis. The pathologist will evaluate the specimen and determine if the tissue is normal or abnormal. This determination will provide a diagnosis and will be communicated to you and your dentist. If additional treatment is recommended, a regimen or plan will be discussed with you.

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The Periodontal Center

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Patient Testimonial By Kate P

Dr. Ramirez and hygienist Mazabihn worked on my teeth recently at the Woodbury location and provided excellent, high-quality care. This team is very professional, friendly and helpful. I give them my highest recommendation.

- Kate P

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Patient Testimonial By Danita L

Resorption done. Explained everything before and made me comfortable about upcoming procedure. Dr Paulson and Hayley were so compassionate. Thank you so much, Danita L.

- Danita L

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Patient Testimonial By Gregory K

I have been going to The Periodontal Center to have two dental implants placed to replace two missing teeth as a result of old age. I have been very pleased with what has taken place during this procedure. Dr. Paulson is polite and professional and explains everything you need to know so you understand it. His assistant, Hayley, is outstanding; she listens to and explains to you about the aftercare, answering any questions you may have. In fact, Dr. Paulson's staff has all been great, and I would recommend Dr. David Paulson to anyone who is dealing with dental problems and maybe looking for a periodontist.

- Gregory K

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Patient Testimonial By Jane R

The preparation for the procedure was very informative. The procedure went extremely well. I was nervous to have the grafting done since I heard from so many people how painful it was. I did not have that experience. I did choose to pay for the extra meds so that I was very sleepy during the procedure. Dr Paulson did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him and his staff if you’re needing help with gum recession. I followed their instructions and had no problems after surgery. Obviously there was some discomfort but I would say it was uncomfortable for a few days to a week, however not painful. The procedure was very worthwhile and I would do it again if it were necessary. Also, everyone in the office was very friendly.

- Jane R

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Patient Testimonial By sheri G

Let me start off with what a kind, friendly, professional staff. They were informative, available, thorough, and made you feel like family. The surgery was to be expected.... it's surgery. It was uncomfortable through the healing process, but again to be expected. I returned after 6 weeks, again, so supportive and said everything looked great. Now after 6 months I saw the x-rays and I can tell you these guys are the absolute best. I saw my teeth fully restored as if I was in my youth looking at my teeth. If you want the best, these guys are just that. Thank you to everyone. Thank you Dr. Paulson for my, more than successful, surgery.

- sheri G

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