Bone Grafting

A healthy jawbone provides your teeth with the support they need to stay firmly in place. Unfortunately, periodontal disease and tooth loss can lead to progressive deterioration of bone. With bone grafting, we can rebuild the foundation of a healthy smile.

Bone grafting has many benefits:

  • Preventing tooth loss – a minor bone graft may be used to stabilize a loose tooth
  • Preventing bone resorption – a bone graft may be placed in an extraction site to fill the void and encourage bone growth
  • Creating a foundation for dental implants – where bone loss has occurred, a bone graft may be necessary to support/anchor dental implants

Dr. Paulson or Dr. Ramirez will do a thorough evaluation to determine if bone grafting is right for you.

The Periodontal Center

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Patient Testimonial By sheri G

Let me start off with what a kind, friendly, professional staff. They were informative, available, thorough, and made you feel like family. The surgery was to be expected.... it's surgery. It was uncomfortable through the healing process, but again to be expected. I returned after 6 weeks, again, so supportive and said everything looked great. Now after 6 months I saw the x-rays and I can tell you these guys are the absolute best. I saw my teeth fully restored as if I was in my youth looking at my teeth. If you want the best, these guys are just that. Thank you to everyone. Thank you Dr. Paulson for my, more than successful, surgery.

- sheri G

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