Tissue Grafting / Gum Recession

The soft tissue grafting procedure is intended to repair gum recession (root exposure) and thin gum tissue. Additionally, it reduces the risk of further recession and bone loss. These exposed root surfaces can become sensitive to temperature, touch, and sweets. Exposed root surfaces also have a greater risk of developing decay. If left untreated, tissue will continue to recede and supporting bone will be lost. This results in tooth mobility and, in severe cases, tooth loss.

There are various causes of gum recession including vigorous tooth brushing, wearing tongue jewelry, periodontal disease, or orthodontic treatment. For some patients, thin gum tissue, tooth position, or trauma can lead to recession. We can work together to identify the cause and develop a plan for treatment.

The type of tissue (gum) graft recommended is determined by your specific needs. Most often, donor tissue is harvested from the roof of the mouth (palate) to be placed in the area(s) of recession. The procedure is completed in the office using local anesthetic. Patients are comfortable during the entire appointment and experience minimal discomfort following the procedure.