Hudson & Woodbury Crown Lengthening

There are two primary reasons for crown lengthening procedures,  either for cosmetics or for supporting a final restoration. Both processes are relatively the same where gumline tissue is sculpted and bone levels modified. Crown lengthening is completed in the office using local anesthetic. Patients are comfortable during the entire procedure and experience little discomfort in the days following. After an adequate healing period of approximately six weeks, your dentist can complete the restoration. Whether it is for function or cosmetics, you will benefit from a healthier, more confident smile.

Before & Afters


Crown Lengthening is indicated when there is inadequate tooth structure to support a restoration due to fracture, decay, or large existing filling. Crown lengthening reshapes the gum and bone levels to expose more of the natural tooth which is necessary to be properly restored. Your dentist, in most cases, will make a referral to a periodontist for this procedure.


Individuals who have a “gummy” smile or short teeth could benefit from cosmetic crown lengthening. There may be enough natural tooth but it’s hidden under an overgrowth of gum tissue. Cosmetic crown lengthening can be performed on one tooth or multiple teeth. Your dentist may also recommend crown lengthening to help accomplish a cosmetic restorative dental procedure.