Implant Supported Bridges and Dentures

In the past, individuals with missing teeth were stuck with partial dentures and dentures as the only replacement options. Often plagued with painful sore spots or the embarrassment of dentures feeling loose or falling out, denture wearers would become malnourished and have feelings of insecurity. With the modernization of dental implants, patients are experiencing dramatic, life-changing results. Not only do implants preserve the jawbone, but they also help to keep facial structure and appearance. Today, patients are having implants placed to support a bridge (fixed partial denture) replacing one or more multiple teeth in the same area. Full dentures also have the option of fastening to multiple dental implants for support. With added stability, a denture will no longer float around or fall out when eating or speaking. And, no denture adhesive is needed! Implants can significantly improve the fit and function of a denture and dramatically improve the quality of life.

Dental implants are threaded titanium posts (root forms) that are strategically placed in the jawbone at multiple locations to anchor a denture. Titanium is the metal of choice for a dental implant because it is biocompatible and fuses well with living bone. After appropriate healing and integration of the implants has taken place, the implants are restored with an implant bridge or denture. With most implant-supported dentures, there is an attachment device for the denture to clip onto. This is dependent on the number of implants placed and your restorative plan. Throughout the entire implant process, we will work closely with your dentist until the final restoration is complete.

While dental implants have no risk of developing cavities, they are still susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease. It is very important to keep the bone and tissue healthy, around the implant by daily brushing and flossing. Along with good oral hygiene, visit your dental professional for regular cleanings and exams. With proper maintenance and home care, implants can last a lifetime.